April Currently

Hi Everyone,

Hope April is treating you well :)

I am linking up with Farley with another month's edition of Currently!

So I have always been someone to always jump into 5,324 projects at once... I like to be busy. I need to be busy. If I am not busy, I feel as if I lack a true purpose.
I have the privilege of writing professional development content on the side- We are having our monthly webinar meeting to catch up on updates. SO I am listening and attempting to blog at the same time ;)

Once again, I truly believe everything happens for a reason. As things start to start (haha- you know how educators/admin works), we have been discussing things and working through ideas... I am always intrigued and rejuvenated by ideas and possibilities. I am eager to wrap up this year (wrap up this year WELL) and then start thinking of the new, great things for the upcoming year.

SO many things are happening this time of year... I have made a commitment to myself to be more "present" with my family- especially on school nights.

 It's a loooooooooong stretch before Memorial Day and LOTS of standardized testing happening. I could use another Spring Break!

PACKING. This will be my life over the course of the next couple of weeks in preparation for our move on April 29th!

I am thoroughly enjoying all of the new purchases for my house decor... BUT oh my... they do add up very quickly!

I hope you have a great week! Happy Teaching!

March Currently

Hi Everyone!

Happy March (yes, I DO acknowledge the fact that it is indeed the 16th day of March- however, I made a goal to never miss a Currently this year and I refuse to miss this one!).

I will also admit that I have been really busy with 2 things:

1. Twitter
I have been so much more present and active on Twitter than I have on my blog...
P.S. If you are NOT on Twitter- you need to join ASAP. It is AMAZING.
I love to blog, but I have been so wrapped up into helping everyone else and doing so many other things (mainly planning and supporting my teachers) that I often find myself completely void of my own thoughts and ideas after work hours... Not an excuse- just the honest truth.
Nevertheless, I have been thinking of one again trying my 5 for 5 this week (I did my Spring Break 5 for 5 last year!). Basically- I am going to commit to blogging 5 posts in 5 days.
2. Being Mommy
As my Ava has become so much more active, I find myself needing to devote every second to interacting with her! I have had such a great time playing and teaching her all kinds of things lately.

SO let's get onto this month's Currently hosted by the great Farley :)

Ever since Ava was born, we have always had her sound machine on in the background when she is sleeping. We alternative between rain and the ocean... Tonight, we are listening to the ocean. I am listening to the ocean via her baby monitor ;)

SPRING BREAK... We have had such a great time already! We went to the Strawberry Festival and Disney World earlier this week; today we met the Easter Bunny. Tomorrow we are having breakfast with Grandma and going to the museum!

Excursions and shopping is expensive... Luckily this isn't a normal, weekly thing. My bank account would be wiped out!

I have some very interest opportunities and possibilities coming up... I want to make sure that I continue to reflect on these things and pray so I can find the much needed answers to what we will be best for myself and my family...

I have already mentioned my #SixtyBooks challenge *exactly what is sounds like- I committed to reading 60 books over the course of the year for my New Year's resolution*. I am needing to finish up my 2 books for this week so I can stay on track :)

NO... My school is not a polling site. However, we were on Spring Break this week in Florida so it would not have been an issue anyways. If we are in school during a voting day, we still have school as normal, but per our contract- the district will not allow any after school meetings. We are allowed to leave immediately after school to go vote.

Alright my friends- for those of you on spring break- keep enjoying! For those of you who are not, happy teaching!

February Currently

HI Everyone!

Happy February :) I am excited to link up with Farley for this month's of Currently!

I was plagued by insomnia one night a couple of weeks and I turned on Netflix... Somehow, I ended up watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries. GAME OVER. I have watched almost the first two seasons (that would be 44 one hour episodes...yes, I am committed).

I have become completely invested in Twitter Chats! I am so extremely excited to grow my PLN and connect with other educators- if you have never tried a Twitter, I encourage you to join! It is such a great way to connect with other educators and have such positive and collaborative opportunities! I am hosting next week's #TeacherFriends chat- you should join!

I have been wanting to complete my vision board... This has been a very busy month, but I know I MUST complete this and set up my goals for the year (I have already set goals, but I think a visual reminder would be great motivation).

Also another great Twitter find... I found the #SixtyBooks challenge through Twitter and I actually made this into my New Year's resolution. I have 4 books thus far and I would love to read another book within the next 2 weeks!

Laundry. No explanation needed.

I am a HUGE fan of Bourbon and Boweties bracelets... If you have not checked them out, you need to ASAP. They are amazing and gorgeous! They are also local to the Tampa Bay area :)

Hope you have a great week! Happy Teaching!

Peppa Pig Party!

Hi Everyone!

I hope this week has been treating you well :) Although this is *technically* not school-related, I wanted to share pictures from my daughter's 2nd birthday party from this past weekend :)

Last year, we went ALL out for her first birthday and hosted it at our local country club, had everything catered, and did some serious decorating.

This year, we hosted a small, family-only party at our house... I must say- it was perfect!

Ava is OBSESSED with Peppa Pig... She absolutely LOVES that show- which originally started in the UK. My daughter has even starting talking with a British accent ;)

Nevertheless, I set out to give her the best Peppa Pig Party possible! Here's some visuals...

Ava's Birthday Outfit: StitchedSoSweet

It was a fantastic day :)

Happy Thursday!

January Currently 2016

Happy New Year!

I am extremely excited for this upcoming year... I will be honest. This past year was not the easiest year for me... I had a LOT of struggles, but I can truly say that everything works out for a reason and I believe some of the challenges I faced were a part of a bigger divine plan for my life. I will also be honest in saying that January 1st was difficult for me... All of social media was FLOODED with so many uplifting, inspiring things, yet I found myself somewhat stagnant. I know there are so many things that I want/need to do...

That is simply when I told myself- just do it.

That is also when I came up with my word for the year and became motivated. I will explain...

I am linking up with Farley for this month's edition of  "Currently" :) The first Currently of 2016- woohoo! I am also setting a goal to participate in EVERY. SINGLE. one for the Year of 2016 as well.

Typical Florida... It's raining... But this time- the rain is bringing cooler weather! It's in the 50's :) Small victory here!
AND I have been binge watching on Netflix: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Downton Abbey, Jessica Jones...

My family... I have LOVED having my hubby in town for the past 2 weeks. We also were so blessed to spend 2 weeks with our Ava :) We celebrated her 2nd Birthday and I will be back on the blog to share all of the festive details this week! We had SO much fun!

Our school district go back tomorrow... Needless to say... I am not *quite* ready...

As a part of my 2016 Goals, I joined the simple, yet awesome #SixtyBooks group that I found on Twitter! I am committed to read 60 books over the course of the year... I am going to try to read a book every 2 weeks (might be a lofty goal... I will reassess as the year progressed). I highly encourage you to check it out and join in! Click on the hashtag link for more info!

ALSO found this one on Twitter... #OneWord2016
Basically- you choose ONE word. This one word is going to be your focus for the year... Check out this hashtag as well. You will find amazing educators all around the world- they are also using their #OneWord2016 to inspire others!

My word is also my #OneWord2016 = CREATE.
Rather than trying to focus on all the things I haven't created- I just want to focus on creating... Creating change, creating memories, creating photographs, creating blog posts, creating TPT units, creating crafts, creating wreaths, creating positive attitudes, creating inspiration... You get the idea.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the 2016 Year!

12 Days of Christmas- Last Freebies :)

Hi Everyone!

Is anyone else suffering from post-Christmas blues?!

Sadness filled the air as I took the Christmas tree down, all the new presents were put into their new place, the last cookies were eaten, and the rest of the decorations are being packed into boxes :(

We are hosting our New Year's Eve family party, New Year's Day dinner, and it's Ava's 2nd birthday next weekend!!! LOTS of celebrating this week...

Nevertheless, I am going to finish out the freebies I promised and I will be back to blog about this year in review and goals for 2016...

Freebie #10: Wanted Gingerbread Poster
I use this to review attributes (size, shape, color, number, texture, design)... The students have to describe their gingerbread man and then create a poster and showcase each of the attributes!

Freebie #11: Gingerbread Snapshots
Using ANY gingerbread book, have the students retell at least 4 characters they encountered... Have them draw and label a "snapshot".

Freebie #12: Gingerbread Shape Analysis
The students will draw their own gingerbread boy/girl ONLY using the shapes listed (square, rectangle, heart, circle, triangle). After they draw, they will analyze and count their shapes they used to create their gingerbread boy/girl.

BONUS!!! Freebie #13: Gingerbread Data Collection
Provide the students with a real gingerbread cookie... Have each student take only one bite. Record the results- how many students bit the head first? right arm? left arm? left leg? right leg?
Then have the students record that number using tally marks and then have them create a pictograph to match the data collected :)

Did you miss Days 1-9? CLICK HERE and HERE to get the rest of the freebies!

Once again, I hope December has treated you well :) Enjoy the freebies and enjoy your much needed time off!

Happy Everything!

The Magic of Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I can honestly say that it has been the most amazing holiday season with my beautiful family... Although I have always loved Christmas, there is something about having a child that simply changes everything. Seeing and experiencing the holiday joy through Ava has been more than I could ever ask for... Yes. I am sentimental. Yes, I love holidays. But more than anything- I love making memories.

I wanted to share some of our holiday traditions...

Our family is all about celebrating on Christmas Eve. My parents, my sister, and brother-in-law all come over to our house. We decided to make it easy on ourselves this year so we had our holiday meal catered- we ate delicious Cuban food. We made desserts to accompany :) Here is my simple yet elegant tablescape:

Here is a close-up of my name cards... I made them from 3 candy canes- super cute and easy!

After dinner, we each exchanged cookies and made reindeer food for Santa's reindeer at the Reindeer Food Bar :)

Ava is OBSESSED with Peppa Pig. She absolutely adores that cheeky little pig ;) In the spirit of "Father Christmas", we tapped into some great British recipes and made mincemeat pieces instead of regular cookies for Father Christmas.

We took some family pictures in our matching jammies and went to bed so Santa/Father Christmas could visit our house! We left our Santa key for him ;)

I am in LOVE with these Messy Bows from RubyBlueInc :)

After waking up this morning, we had a wonderful time opening presents and eating a delicious Rudolph breakfast :)

It's been a WONDERFUL day. My heart is full. I hope you had a great holiday (if you celebrate) with your family and friends. I will be back to finish up holiday freebies and reflect upon this past year... But for now, it's time to binge watch Netflix and soak up the last moments of Christmas.

Happy Everything.